Beta Download

The links below are for the latest beta release. If you are interested in the latest stable release, please download here. If you have any trouble, suggestions, or complaints please submit it via the contact page.

Beta Boss Detector PC software

Beta Boss Detector Setup
(recommended download)
Beta Boss Detector Portable
Beta version:        

Boss Detector PC software can use your webcam to detect motion, and automatically minimize non-work windows while bringing work to the foreground. It can also send and receive motion alerts to and from any of your devices via our cloud alert system. Boss Detector software does not require Administrative rights to run.


Beta Boss Detector Android app

Get it from the play store.

The app can use your phone's camera as a motion detector, and receive cloud motion alerts from any other device you're logged in with. Whenever someone crosses it's field of view, it can notify the PC software via your cellular or wifi network.


Beta Boss Detector for Apple

Coming Soon!

Boss Detector for Apple is still under development.

Check back soon.